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Trauma Informed School

Snowdon Village is the first Trauma Informed School’s (TIS) group of schools in Bristol.

Snowdon Village’s schools The Nest (in Downend), Engage (in Easton), Bristol Futures Academy (Redfield) and City School (Redfield and Kingswood) provide education to students (ages 4 to 16) who have been excluded from mainstream schools or who have specific learning needs which mean they find it difficult to cope in a mainstream setting.

Trauma-informed teaching starts with an understanding that trauma impacts learning and behaviour. A Trauma Informed School (TIS) is recognised as using appropriately trained staff to deliver interventions that support children and teenagers who suffer with trauma or mental health problems and whose behaviour acts as a barrier to learning.

When children have suffered several painful life experiences and are not provided with the support they need at the time, there is a very high probability they will suffer severe mental and/or physical ill-health in adulthood.

TIS assessors on making the award said: “Snowdon Village provides a warm caring and compassionate environment in which vulnerable children from across the city and surrounding area are supported by empathic staff to flourish.

“Due to the positive relationships between the staff and young people that are consistent and PACEful, there is a shared joy and celebration of learning and achievement.  The students form lasting and trusting connections with the staff from their school and return to seek out those trusting adults who supported and helped them.

“The School’s TIS practitioner is highly skilled, passionate and dedicated to the work she does within Snowdon Village.  PHSE is taught effectively and with flexibility both discreetly and throughout the curriculum to support all pupils.  Mental health is also taught, and the value of psycho education is recognised.

“Snowdon Village has good links with other agencies and local schools and use these to ensure pupils have access to a range of support and development opportunities. The school is led by a dedicated and trauma aware Principal who, with the support of the Academy Council, ensure both the pupils’ and staff ‘s mental health needs are supported and given priority. ”

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