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  • Black BFA jumper
  • White BFA polo shirt
  • Black trousers, joggers or leggings (thick material)
  • Appropriate footwear

All new students will be provided with 2 x free polo shirts and 1 x jumper. Parents and Carers are welcome to order additional uniform from BFA reception.

The Nest and Engage

The pupils and students at The Nest and Engage will be expected to wear their ‘home school’s uniform.

City School

The Students at City School are not currently expected to wear school uniform but they should be appropriately dressed for school. This does not include ripped clothing.

The Halo Code

The Halo Code’ do – Snowdon Village has of course readopted the code for another academic year. 
The Halo Code recognises that, whilst we as educators feel as though we promote racial equality and challenge discrimination;
  • 58% of Black students experience uncomfortable comments or questions about their hair at school.
  • 1 in 4 Black adults had a negative experience at school in relation to their hair texture.
  • 46% of parents say their children’s school policy penalised Afro hair.
  • 1 in 5 Black women feel societal pressure to straighten their hair for work.
  • The Halo Code are working with schools, academy chains, and educational bodies to support them to adopt the UK’s first Black Hair Code.
The Halo Code explicitly protects students and staff who come to school with natural hair and protective hairstyles associated with their racial, ethnic, and cultural identities.
By adopting the Halo Code, schools are proactively taking a stand to ensure that no member of their community faces barriers or judgments because of their Afro-textured hair.
You can read more about the Halo Code and the fantastic work they do here; https://halocollective.co.uk/halo-school/
The website also includes ideas as to how you can celebrate the racial, ethnic, and cultural identities of your students, every single day.